Are you ready to stop suffering and restore your health and heal naturally from Lichen Sclerosis?


Get relief and heal your body, naturally, without drugs.


Have you been…

  • diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis/sus?
  • told there’s really nothing you can do to slow or stop the progression of your disease, naturally?
  • suffering in silence while LS affects your day-to-day life, causing unbearable flare-ups, unhappiness and straining or even threatening the existence of intimacy and physical and emotional connection with your significant other?


Your current state of health is not a condition you have to be stuck suffering with for the rest of your life.


You can absolutely be free from pain, stop or slow the progression of your disease, reduce your risk of cancer and even start healing, naturally, from the inside out!


You have a choice.


You can choose to keep going down the path you’re on – looking for relief through prescription drugs, steroid creams, surgery, and other “band aid” approaches that only bring temporary relief, at best, while generally causing additional long-term health effects on top of those you already currently have.




You can choose a different course of action and get the support you need to get to the root cause of your health issues and actually address what’s going on at the core so your body can begin to heal! 



Hi, I’m Emily and I help women, just like you, restore their health and turn their lives around from LS.  


Professionally I have been studying health and nutrition and have been helping women improve their health naturally and holistically for over a decade.  As a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Certified Transformational Coach, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Emotion Code Practitioner I provide a wide range of expertise to address the multi-dimensional layers causing LS.  I’m continually expanding my knowledge through educational courses, programs and resources to bring the best modalities and quickest results to my clients.  


On the flip side, I was personally diagnosed with LS when I was 17 and suffered with it for 13 years before finally unlocking the answers to my relief and healing.  


I know how Lichen Sclerosis affects us women physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  How it affects our lives, our lifestyle, our relationships and I also know the work that needs to be done to get the relief and start healing.  


Relief and healing does not happen overnight though.  It’s not a quick fix.  It’s more than food, it’s more than products.  If you want long-term results you must heal the root cause of your symptoms and usually there’s more than one root cause.


While it took me hundreds, if not thousands of hours of researching and education over the last decade and tens of thousands of dollars of personal and professional education to uncover the steps needed to get relief and start healing I now work 1:1 with women getting them relief like I got and at a fraction of the time, money and energy investments it took me.  


I’m committed to helping my clients get to the root of their health issues so they can be free from pain and enjoy a full and healthy life too.


You are not alone!  You don’t have to suffer with LS.  You can get back your life, health and happiness starting now!



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