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Silently Suffering with Lichen Sclerosis? Don’t Do What I Did

Today I want to talk about something so many of us with Lichen Sclerosis do.  (Actually, if you have any kind of disease/condition/ailment this will be valuable for you too!)

And that’s keep our pain, physical and emotional, a secret.

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Lichen Sclerosis – Pain Free for 4 Years Now!

Have you been diagnosed with a life altering health condition that you were told there is little to no hope of healing and being pain free?

I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis when I was 17.

5 years ago I hit rock bottom, finally coming to terms with and accepting, as best as one can, the devastating reality that I’d have to live the rest of my life with my very painful condition let alone never be able able to be intimate with my husband again. Read more

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How to Help a Loved One Make Healthy Changes

Do you know someone that could benefit from making healthier lifestyle choices? i.e. healthy eating, exercise, stress management?

You probably have a special friend or family member you know needs to make a change?

It’s only natural to want to help others make improvements to their health and happiness once you’ve experienced the benefits.

You know that if they would just listen to your advice they would feel so much better.

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