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Get What You Want Faster with a Vision Board

Not getting what you want in life?  I’m sharing how a vision board will help you get clear and get you what you want faster.

How do I know? I recently pulled out my last vision board to find that I crushed my goals!!! It’s 100% evidence that this works. In fact, I created a new vision board about a month ago and already things I put on it are coming into my life! Read more

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Unconditional Trust Vs. Conditional Trust

This past Sunday I was unwinding from the week with a little tv and found myself engaged in a sermon by Joel Osteen where he was speaking about unconditional trust vs. conditional trust.

Joel described the difference between the two as such (I’m paraphrasing):

Unconditional trust is continued trust in God (the Universe, Source, a higher power, however you look at it) even when life Read more

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Lichen Sclerosis – Pain Free for 4 Years Now!

Have you been diagnosed with a life altering health condition that you were told there is little to no hope of healing and being pain free?

I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis when I was 17.

5 years ago I hit rock bottom, finally coming to terms with and accepting, as best as one can, the devastating reality that I’d have to live the rest of my life with my very painful condition let alone never be able able to be intimate with my husband again. Read more

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How to Stick with and Crush Your Goals

In just a few days millions of Americans will declare their goals, setting resolutions for the new year.

Some people will set goals to lose weight, some to save more money, or get organized, others to spend more time with family.

These are all really good goals to have, but do you ever wonder why you can’t stick with your goals and you end up forgetting about them, much less actually achieving them?

Read more

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1% Improvement

How many times have you thought about making changes to your diet, to start working out, to make changes to any area of your life only to become overwhelmed by how much you would have to do to actually get the results you wanted?

Most of the time when we are viewing an area of dislike in our life we instinctively want to fix it, like right now. That usually leads us to believe the only way to make any change is to do a 180° overhaul of our life or situation.

Read more

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When Plans Don’t Go as Planned

Ever have a day, a week or maybe a whole month when things don’t go the way you had hoped and planned for?

That’s was how this last month was for me.

The last thing anyone wants to experience, especially at the end of January – right out of the gate to a new year and newly set goals, is not having their goals of weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, saving money, spending more time with family etcetera go as they had planned. Read more

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Planning for the New Year

When January 1st rolled around this year I was ready for a kick-butt, super productive and successful year in my personal life, my health, my finances and my business.

It wasn’t by accident, that I got to this point of being focused and ready, that’s for sure! I had to put in time, effort, thinking, reading, learning, planning, doing and a bit of research. Read more

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Achieving Your Resolutions

It’s that time again, a time where many set resolutions or make a commitment to themselves that they are going to exercise, eat healthy, lose weight, save money, stop smoking, spend more time with family and so forth. There is no doubt that these goals and commitments provide immense benefits to your health, happiness and wallet, but the tricky part for many comes down to the question, “how do I stick with it and meet my goals?” Read more

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