Get What You Want Faster with a Vision Board

Not getting what you want in life?  I’m sharing how a vision board will help you get clear and get you what you want faster.

How do I know? I recently pulled out my last vision board to find that I crushed my goals!!! It’s 100% evidence that this works. In fact, I created a new vision board about a month ago and already things I put on it are coming into my life!


Ready to Make Your Vision Board?


1. DO IT WITH INTENTION: Set aside time, diffuse your favorite essential oils, turn on music etc – have fun with it!
2. KEEP IT SIMPLE: You don’t need an art degree — just some poster board, magazines or the internet and a printer, some scissors and glue or tape.
3. BE SPECIFIC: Find images and words that represent your vision and that excite you when you look at them.


vision board

How to Make it Work for You

Is it really as easy as putting some pictures on a board and getting what you want?

Well, not exactly. It’s not some overnight magical voodoo, but it sure feels like it when you start getting the things you’ve put on your vision board.


1. BELIEVE: You must truly believe, no matter how big or small the thing you want is, that it can truly be yours!
2. TAKE INSPIRED ACTION: The universe knows you’re serious when you take action. Take one small step towards your goal(s) daily. What’s one small step you can take today?
3. STAY FOCUSED: Keeping your goal in sight will get you through tough days and motivate you to keep going. Be sure to put your vision board where you’ll look at it every day.  Mine is in my home office.


When you’re fully committed to the things you desire they become a reality.

Make vision boarding a part of your life to cultivate a powerful belief mindset and watch the universe deliver!

I believe you can have whatever you want, so long as you set the intention and put your order in with the universe.

A vision board is the perfect way to do that.

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