Lichen Sclerosis

Health Restoring Program for Women

Personalized, One-on-One Coaching & Support


For woman with Lichen Sclerosis, who are ready to stop their pain and suffering and heal naturally from the inside out.

Do you…

  • Suffer with physical symptoms, flare ups and pain such as itching, tearing, fusing, narrowing, painful intercourse?
  • Find LS is affecting the way you live your life, causing you to miss out on the things you love or from experiences you want to be having?
  • Worry about your future and what a life with this condition will look like if left unresolved?
  • Find LS is affecting your relationship, physically and emotionally, with your significant other?
  • Worry if or when you’ll no longer be able to be intimate again, if something isn’t done to stop the progression of LS?
  • Feel lost and alone with no real hope in sight?


If you said “yes” to any of those questions, I’ve got great news for you!  


You can absolutely get relief, starting healing your health, and get your life and relationships back on track and healthier than ever. 


Are you ready to be free from ALL the pain LS has caused you and finally be living the life you were meant to live – happy, healthy and loving your life? 


Together we will address the underlying causes keeping you in pain and from healing.  You’ll finally learn what it means to truly restore your body, supporting it with the nourishment it needs to heal and bring your body back into balance, away from the pain and progression of the condition.

No longer will this condition be a death sentence to your livelihood and happiness.


You’ll finally

  • Start to feel whole again, like the you before you were diagnosed with LS
  • Slow, stop and/or reverse your pain and progression of the condition
  • Stop feeling alone, ashamed and embarrassed
  • Feel confident and sexy again
  • Be free of all the physical pain – the itching, tearing, pins & needles
  • Be able to wear clothes, walk and do all other activities without cringing in with pain from flare ups
  • Be free of the emotional stress, sadness & depression this condition causes
  • Be able to enjoy pain free intimacy

 LS Health Restoring Program

This IS for you IF…

  • You want to permanently restore your health and heal from the inside out
  • Despite your greatest efforts you continue to struggle with LS physically and emotionally
  • You’re ready to reduce or eliminate your symptoms and slow or stop disease progression
  • You’ve been to countless doctors, but given little hope or long-term relief and not seeing the results you’d like
  • You’re ready to take control of your health and invest time, energy and money to heal
  • You’re craving support and guidance from someone who has actually had LS and cracked the code to relief and healing naturally
  • You’re open minded to new ideas and alternatives to achieve relief and healing

This is NOT for you if…

  • You are ok with a bandaid approach (steroid creams etc) getting only temporary relief with no long-term results
  • You’re symptoms don’t bother you physically or emotionally and you’re not worried about disease progression
  • You’re not ready and willing to invest time, energy and money into getting well
  • You are not open to receive new suggestions and ways of healing
  • You feel like you already have everything figured out

It’s time to starting healing your body from the inside out, naturally.

Are you ready to get the support and guidance you want and need to end the pain and suffering of Lichen Sclerosis?  

Then you are in the right place!

The 6 Month Personalized LS Health Restoring Program was designed with you in mind – so you no longer have to suffer.  

You’ll finally be free from itching, stabbing pain, ulcerations, tears, thinning of the skin and painful sex.  

Your days will be filled with happiness, because you’re no longer spending time thinking or worry about LS.  It’ll be a thing of the past!

You’ll be doing everyday, normal activities you once enjoyed with ease and comfort, again!  Like walking, sitting, exercising and playing with your kids or grand-kids.  

The strain it has had on your intimate relationships will be lifted.  

You’ll no longer avoid sex for fear of it being painful – it will actually be pleasurable again! 

All this sounds like it’s too good to be true, doesn’t it?  I get it!  I was the girl who thought “yeah right, I’m stuck with this for the rest of my life!”

BUT, that wasn’t the case and you don’t have to suffer anymore either!  I’m here to help you!


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this program 6 months?
When the body is presenting with Lichen Sclerosis it is not something that just happened overnight, although it may seem like it.  It’s a result of years and years of imbalances that has built up creating this dis-ease within the body.  Just as the body did not develop lichen sclerosis over night it will also take time for it to heal.  6 months gives us the time to uncover and address all possible root causes of why you have LS so you can start healing.  Just as I’m experiencing long-term health and healing from LS, I want the same for you too!  I won’t set you up with inadequate support time or false quick fixes.

Why is personalized support so important?
No two people are exactly alike.  Lifestyles are different, experiences are different and what lead your body to develop lichen sclerosis is not the same reasons someone else may have developed it.  Throughout our 6 months together we will uncover the root causes for what lead your body to develop lichen sclerosis and address them with a combination of therapies and strategies best suited for you.  This will allow your body to be brought back into balance so healing from lichen sclerosis or any other health condition can happen.

How soon will I get relief?
You can start to experience relief in as little as a few days.  After 1-2 months clients can start to notice the more long-term, sustained results having gone from symptoms such as stabbing pains, itching, inflammation, painful intercourse to having little to no more flare ups, enjoying normal activities free from pain and regaining pleasure again.  


The LS Health Restoring Program is a high touch, personalized program with YOU in mind.  A complete holistic approach is utilized in transforming the effects LS has had on you physical, mental, emotional and spiritually to giving you back the life, health and confidence you deserve and desire!

Imagine how AMAZING it will feel to go about your day itch, tear and blister free, no flare ups, enjoying pain free sex again and doing the day-to-day things you like to do like exercise, socialize etc with ease and comfort.  Pretty AMAZING, right?!

If you want all of this for yourself and serious about committing to the improvement of your health and life, this is for you!



Are you ready to get the support you need?

If so, click the scheduling link below to submit your application to work 1:1 with Emily.

When you apply to work 1:1 with Emily, you will get a call from her to discuss your current health challenges with the intent to uncover potential root causes for your LS so these can be addressed if you choose to proceed.

The call will last approximately 30 minutes and you will not be committed to take any further action.

On this call you will get one-on-one time with Emily and clarity around your symptoms and what needs to be done to start healing. 

If you’re a fit for the 6 Month LS Health Restoring Program you’ll get to learn more about it and the opportunity to work 1:1 with her to get results – if you’re ready to start healing now.

It will be one of the best investments in your health, your pleasure and your life!  



Now Offering

2-Month & 6-Month LS Health Restoring Program Options



There are currently no available 1:1 LS Health Restoring Program spot openings at this time; however you can hop on the wait list to be one of the first to be notified of her next available opening.

Simply email her at: or through the contact page and title it “ready to work with Emily” and she’ll be in contact when there’s an opening.