Not Healing? This May be Why…

Today I’m talking about something a little illogical.  Those who are well fed but are malnourished. You’re probably wondering how can someone be well fed yet also malnourished?

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Before we get to that I want to make sure you’re in the right place, getting the information you need to know if this is affecting you.

Signs and Symptoms to Look For:

  • Less energy – tires easily, can’t do as much of the things you once did with ease
  • Poor concentration & memory – easily distracted, slower to comprehend things
  • Weakened immune system – leading to increased risk of sickness – colds, illnesses, disease
  • Thinning, dry skin – prone to skin tears, lesions, infections
  • Prolonged healing time from wounds and illnesses due to a weakened immune system and lack of nutrients
  • Poor libido
  • Bumps or ridges on finger nails
  • Poor circulation

If you’re trying to heal from any health issue, but are malnourished it’s likely you are experiencing one or more of these.

For my Lichen Sclerosis ladies, you may be experiencing more flare-ups that take longer to tame. Your skin tissues may become even more dry, thin and more fragile therefore easily producing tears, cracks and other lesions, such as boils.

Due to the often-slow progression of these issues and societal beliefs that this kind of deterioration within our body and mind is just a part of life, many people will brush these signs and symptoms off initially.  They’ll chalking it up to lack of sleep, stress or aging while much bigger, chronic, health issues brew beneath the surface and add to the exacerbation of those already existing health issues.

Why are so Many Well Fed People Malnourished?

Processed Food – Grocery stories are filled with processed, sugary, refined, chemical laden “foods”; however these items are NOT food. This junk strips away nutrients from our body. The longer one eats like this the more likely they will experience signs of being nutrient deficient.

Less Nutrient Dense Food – Even if you eat whole, real foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and lean animal proteins you still may not be getting the nutrients your body needs, especially if you’re already battling health issues. This is because over the last 60-70 years farming practices have changed. Our food supply is pumped with pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, antibiotics and the nutrients our foods use to provide no longer contain the level of nutrition they once did. I quote from an article Dr. Mark Hyman wrote “Levels of calcium were down 16 percent, iron 15 percent, and Vitamin C 20 percent. Not a single nutrient had increased in the past 50 years.” That was research done comparing nutrients of 43 different fruits and vegetables from 1950 and the year 1999. It’s almost been 20 years since that data was reported and it most likely hasn’t improved with the addition of more GMOs.

Additional reasons someone may be suffering from malnourishment are:

Drugs & Medication – Someone who has taken antibiotics, birth control pills, OTC’s such as NSAID’s, prescription drugs and steroids.
Environmental Factors
Candida/Yeast Infections
Allergies – to certain foods

This by all means is not an all-inclusive list and more often than not several of these factors are involved to have created the perfect environment in which malnourishment has resulted.

These factors can result in Leaky Gut Syndrome, which is a condition that causes holes in the intestines and allows food particles to pass through undigested into the blood stream. This means your body is missing out on valuable nutrients you need and overtime this leads to a malnourished body that is susceptible to disease and illness.

What Can You Do?

Eat Real Food – If your diet consists of processed food you’re lacking nutrients and damaging your health. You want to stay away from things that are in box or can, remove or limit refined sugar, fat, gluten, grains, conventional dairy, soy and stop eating out (fast food and dine out restaurants included). Eat more whole real foods that are organic and non-gmo in the form of vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, lean protein and raw dairy, if available.

Stop taking drugs, pills and medications – Unless it’s absolutely necessary stop taking so many drugs and start incorporating natural remedies such as changing your diet, exercising and the use of therapeutic grade essential oils.
Note: Do not stop taking any prescriptions your doctor has you on. Discuss with him or her first to see if you can stop or slowly decrease your dose until you can get off.

You also want to address environmental, lifestyle and other health factors

Last, but certainly not least if you’ve been self-treating hoping to get relief, but you’re not seeing any improvements or it’s taking longer than you hoped it’s likely you are missing key factors and/or steps that are keeping you from healing.

It’s important to seek out a trained professional who can help you identify and address the blind spots in your healing.

If you’d like help addressing these issues, so you can get relief and start healing, I can help. Reach out to me personally at so you can start to get your questions answered and find relief.









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