6 Week - 6 Step Natural Health & Weight Releasefor Women (1)


Nourished Body is an easy to follow, guided, 6 week, 6 step program designed to help you release weight and improve your health, naturally!


Are you ready to be DONE WITH…

  • Depriving yourself?
  • Cutting calories, counting calories or counting points?
  • Trying every supplement and exercise product on the market to no avail?
  • Feeling rundown and miserable in your own body?
  • Cravings to food that almost feel like you have an addiction to it?
  • Struggling with and stressing over health issues?
  • Knowing what to do, but lacking the motivation to actually do it?
  • Being unable to release the weight you put on 1 year, 5 years or 10 years ago?
  • Waiting to live life, because you don’t feel good or like the way you look?


In this Step-by-Step Program You WILL…

    • Boost your metabolism, burn fat and release weight in a healthy, natural way
    • Feel good in your body and love the way you look!!!
    • Enjoy more energy that sustains throughout your day
    • Eat and actually ENJOY healthy, delicious food – no more CRAVINGS!!!
    • Have confidence in yourself
    • Be healthy, fit and strong
    • Be motivated and inspired to continue your journey
    • Naturally support your body to thrive in all areas of health
    • Improve digestion, skin appearance, mental clarity and focus
    • Help prevent disease such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer
    • Regain BALANCE and JOY in your life again



What would your life look like if you continued down your current path?


Is that acceptable to you?


In 2009 my path did not look good AT ALL!  Extreme fatigue, severe digestive issues, skin rashes and bumps, female issues, dizziness, trouble with memory, joint pain as well as some weight gain.  And I was only in my 20’s!  I thought, if this is how I feel now, how am I going to feel in my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on?!

I had hit my lowest point physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and HAD ENOUGH!  I wasn’t going to allow THIS to be my way of life anymore!  So I took charge of my own health, spent thousands of dollars seeking out and working with natural, holistic, alternative doctors, investing in programs and coaches and spent hundreds of hours and late nights reading, researching and studying everything I could to learn how to restore my health.  And I did, I regained my health, my happiness and my joy for life again, after a few years.

It’s why I’m so passionate about health and wellness and living a healthy, balanced life with do-able steps to achieve lasting transformation. 

AND it’s why I’ve created this step-by-step program to help women, who are in that space, struggling with their health, weight, happiness and motivation.  To give hope, support, tools and strategies to not only get through this journey, but to get through it a LOT FASTER than I did, and come out better and stronger on the other side! 

AND, so you can do this without spending thousands, like I did, I wanted to make this program incredibly AFFORDABLE for you.

Your Investment: $297

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Here’s what you can expect in the Nourished Body Program

Week 1:  Plan & Prep

This is the most important steps to achieving success.  Without a plan you get off track before you ever get started.  Take the guess work out and give yourself all the tools you need to have a nourished body!  You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it to start your health and weight loss journey with confidence.


Week 2:  Identify & Release

Break free from sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck (and reaching for midnight snacks).  You can not ever truly succeed if you don’t know what’s keeping you stuck.  This week we dive deep to find out what’s holding you back from achieving more energy, more freedom and more confidence in your body.


Week 3:  Rebuild & Nourish

You’ll learn optimal ways to nourish your body with whole foods so you feel lighter, have more energy, naturally reduce and prevent disease as well as feel and look AH-MAZING!  Rebuilding your lifestyle mindfully will set you on the path for a lasting transformation. 


Week 4:  Boost & Burn

Lets face it, you’ve come up with every excuse in the book to not exercise consistently.  That’s why I’m sharing my favorite short and sweet workouts for optimal metabolism boosting and fat burning.  You’ll discover new ways to exercise that will leave you feeling motivated and energized!  Your desire to skip this health promoting, immune boosting, disease preventing, age defying secret will be long gone.


Week 5:  Balance

Learn my top practices for sustaining your efforts and NEW lifestyle.  Don’t let your day to day life derail all of your hard work.  This week is a crucial step in learning to manage stress, worry and over-doing. 


Week 6:  Revise & Up-level

It’s graduation time!  Just as in school or any kind of learning it’s time to take what you’ve learned and make use of these new skills.  Your Nourished Body journey doesn’t end here.  You’ll now have the knowledge and tools to succeed for the rest of your life. 


What You’ll Get

      • Weekly emails including program materials pertaining to each step
      • Over 25 Nutritional & Health Info blasts
      • Nourishing Food Lists
      • Recipe E-book including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert options
      • Done-For-You Meal Plans & Shopping Lists including Gluten free & Sugar free options!
      • Quick Fat Burning Workouts you can do anywhere
      • Guided Journaling Exercises to get you unstuck and out of self-sabotage
      • Charts for Tracking Success
      • Weekly Action Steps for Transformation


      • Smoothie E-book – You get my favorite go-to smoothies as well a fail-proof formula on how to create your own perfect smoothies!


Investment: $297

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This is PERFECT for you if…

  • You are stuck and not sure how to achieve your desired health, weight or lifestyle goals
  • You know what to be doing, but lack the motivation
  • You are tired of taking care of everything and everyone else but yourself
  • You are a stressed out and sick of feeling miserable
  • Despite having tried EVERYTHING out there, you can’t seem to sustain results and experience true lasting transformation
  • You want to feel good in your body and love the way you look
  • You want to be free from judging yourself and experience confidence instead
  • You’re looking for a simple, do-able solution to release weight, improve your health and achieve balance in your life

This is NOT for you if…

  • You don’t have any areas of imbalance in your life whether it be with your health, weight, stress, cravings, motivation, physical activity or confidence
  • You like to feel bad, wrong or guilty and use “punishment” as a way to get yourself to achieve your goals
  • Committing to yourself for at least 6 weeks is something you’re not willing to do
  • You are not open or ready to receive new suggestions
  • You feel like you already have it all figured out



This program will help you…

      • Find exercise that gets results in as little as 10 min. a day
      • Know how to plan and prep for success
      • Identify cravings and food triggers and know how to stop them
      • Know what to eat and what not to
      • Eat for optimal nourishment
      • Manage stress and become more calm, focused and balanced
      • Dine out with confidence
      • Take action every week to achieving the results you desire


Still not ready to make healthy lasting changes to your life?

I get it. 

Change is scary, overwhelming and difficult. 

But not when you have a plan and someone (that’s me!) who has been through it before and has coached hundreds of women for the last decade, helping them create the health and lives they desire.

Don’t hit rock bottom or struggle in silence, like I did for years, before you get the guidance and support you need! 


Investment: $297

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