Silently Suffering with Lichen Sclerosis? Don’t Do What I Did

Today I want to talk about something so many of us with Lichen Sclerosis do.  (Actually, if you have any kind of disease/condition/ailment this will be valuable for you too!)

And that’s keep our pain, physical and emotional, a secret.

silently suffering

We keep it a secret from almost everyone in our lives sometimes even our significant other for fear of being embarrassed, ashamed, not believed, not understood, not loved and not supported and the list of emotions can go on and on.

We fear being alone, which ironically by not sharing what we’re going through does just that…isolates us even more.

And this is NOT good!

These thoughts, feelings and your personal experiences need to be expressed. They want and need to be heard, for your sake.

It’s ok if you haven’t found the right person to open up to and share your story with yet.

Don’t Do What I Did

I kept the fact that I was suffering with LS a secret for nearly a decade before I told anyone other than my husband. That was a huge burden I took on that affected me even more deeply, physically and emotionally.

It took a lot of courage and the right person/people who I knew would see me, believe me, hold space for me to be extremely vulnerable and just listen to me.

Someone who would not judge me, think I was gross or had some STD or contagious disease.

If you have lichen sclerosis, I don’t want you to bottle all this up, like I did and for as long as I did.

That’s why I want to share with you WHY it’s so important to find that someone in your life you can confide in.

Why it’s Important to Talk to Someone

Having someone you trust and can confide in and share your story with is extremely valuable.

It’s therapeutic.

Therapeutic to the level that physically allows you to release some of the stress that’s built up inside you.

You start to breathe a little lighter and relax, even a little, by having someone to talk to about what you’re going through, even if they don’t have LS.

While this may not sound like much, it is.

Opening up can fulfill some of our deepest desires as human beings, which is to feel safe and loved.

It also opens the door for healing.

Healing cannot and will not take place if you are trying to or unconsciously suppressing any part of you.

You must acknowledge and bring to the light your emotions, your deepest fears and pain so that you can begin to work through them.

And the first step is to have someone to share them with.

I know this to be true because healing wouldn’t have been possible for me if I had not started to open up. I would have never got to the place I am today, pain free, healing, being able to be intimate with my husband and living a normal, happy life.

What’s really crazy is research shows that the suppression of our emotions actually can cause autoimmune conditions and cancer.

It’s crazy, that even with research it’s not more widely known that healing comes from within and not some drug! 

What’s GREAT though as more and more of this information is brought forth the more people can get the help and support they need!

And it’s so simple…once we work up the courage to talk to that trusted friend.

You will feel so good after you do.

We just want someone to see us, hear us and acknowledge our pain.

Getting this “secret” off your chest will bring a sense of relief and comfort.

I know from personal experience, but also because I get messages from women, just like you all the time, who are suffering with LS.

They’re reaching out expressing their gratitude for simply sharing my story of relief and healing. That vulnerability lends a sense of comfort and connection.

While the person you choose to confide in may not have ever heard of Lichen Sclerosis don’t let that stop you from opening up. Trust that who you choose will lend a supportive listening ear for you.

This simple act of sharing that you’re suffering with LS with someone close to you is a huge step in your journey to getting relief.

If you’ve been diagnosed with LS and you feel alone or have no one you’re ready to share your story with you can share your story with me, privately.

Simply click on the “contact” tab to connect with me. Lets chat! I’ll be here to hold a loving, supportive space for you!

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